Go Play Leeds FAQ

What are we?

We organise regular meet-ups to play RPGs (role-playing games) in Leeds city centre. 



2016: We now meet at The Brunswick pub by North Street, Leeds; it is further from the train station than our past venue, but it has more parking opportunities and a more varied menu. We start to muster for games between 11:30 to 11:45 am to give a few minutes grace for all arrivals.

2015: We used to meet at the Brewdog pub; it’s next to the Corn Exchange, about 8 minutes walk from the train station. There’s a car park just behind it too. We meet from 12 - 5pm, with a break at some point during the game to get lunch.


What kinds of RPG games?

The games will be “one-shots”; you can come down for just one session and get a game, or come more regularly and play a bunch of different games. Some games might follow on from previous games, but there’ll be no problem just joining in with them for one session or longer. The games on offer will be advertised on the facebook page and/or meetup, but it’s possible some games may not run depending on numbers. No matter what happens we will try to ensure everyone gets into a game, even if it's not their first choice.


The games will run a little like convention slots, if you’ve ever been to a RPG convention; either quick character gen or pregenerated characters, and a satisfying game experience in 4 hours.


I’ve never played RPGs before; am I OK to come?

If you’ve never played RPGs before, this is the ideal way to start! You can get an idea of what an RPG game is like in the safe hands of experienced GMs (referees).


How do I get a game?

At the start of the session (between 11.30am to 11:45am, to give everyone chance to get a drink) we’ll sort out who plays in each game. There might be a bit of horse trading to ensure that everyone gets a game they’re happy with, and we’ll play that by ear at the time - we’re all sensible adults here!


Can I run a game?

Certainly! Definitely get in touch beforehand if you want to pitch a game, especially as we’re just starting out; we want to make sure that we have a good balance of games on offer.


How much does it cost?

It’s free! The Brunswick are letting us use the premises for free, though, so it would be great if we could support them by buying some of their excellent beer/soft drinks/bar snacks and even full meals while we play.