Trust no one

Paranoia is set in some kind of future after some kind of incident has forced all humans to relocate from the surface of the earth. For generations they have huddled together inside the Alpha Complex, a place where they are looked afer by a benevolent master Computer.

Life in Alpha Complex is bliss. Life in Alpha Complex is fun. Failing to ejoy the blissful fun is punishable by eeath - Friend Computer says so. 

Many of the clones who live in AC are happy. Some are not. Those who are not cause problems for the rest. A newly promoted Troubleshooters, your characters have been tasked to hunt out this trouble, and in most cases, to shoot your it. Even beter, as you have six clones, your chances of succeeding are super crazy high!

It is a shame that almost every member of your team is probably one of the very clones that you are out to shoot. 



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Kickstarter Edition
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Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 12:00
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John Max
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