Straffar Gatan 39

The dark events that take place in Straffar Gatan 39 serve as a prelude to the Fall of Von Hölle adventure, and occur one day after Imperial Conquistadors on Pluto discovered a strange tablet in ancient ruins that unleashed the force of the Dark Symmetry.

You have been sent to investigate an incident at Straffar Gatan 39, a rundown tenement in the Nines – a particularly nasty part of the Perimeters district of Luna City. 

Luna PD Criminal Intelligence suspects that Sandrine Peterson, missing daughter of the senior Bauhauser executive François Peterson, may be hiding out in the building. The Lieutenant makes it very clear that it is in the best interests of your careers that she is found alive and well.

Your assignment is simple:investigate what happened in the tenement. And do not let fear nor panic break you even if lesser men fall by the wayside. 

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Mutant Chronicles 3e
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Game Time: 
Sunday, January 28, 2018 - 12:00
G.M. (name): 
Remi Fayomi
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