The Magnificent Sven

Sven is the last of a dying breed seemingly cursed by the gods the fall of the Squats has been epic. He is he believes the last of his people and roams the empire with his trike following the Imperial Tarot. Now on the Empire Foresaken world of Tanis on the edge of empire the Tarot had shown him that here he must make a stand to flee will only make things worse.

Something terrible comes to Tanis, at the monastery of Saint Mavis the enemies of mankind will come and the monks are doomed unless Sven and the allies the cards have guided him to can save them.

The Grey Hermit sleeping fist of the empire, the dark blades soul stealer manslayer, The Watcher walker of the web of worlds, The Forsaken sister accursed and abandoned, The Long walker Penitent and judge and finally the burning maiden oracle and flame in the dark the world killer unrevealed.

With these 6 dubious allied Sven must save the day or perhaps end it the cards can be unreliable at times....

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Dark Heresy 2e
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Game Time: 
Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 12:00
G.M. (name): 
Andrew Moreton
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