Dark Pursuits in the 41st Millennium

The Tech-Priest studied the holo-image hovering above his vox console, the translucent figure dissolving into a foam of static as the link terminated. He knew the supplier was not to be trusted, given his predilections for offering items of untold value to Apex dilettantes, items essential for his researches. But what the supplier was offering in this latest offworld delivery was of unmatched worth, yet also of unmatched risk.

To possess something so unique though, so powerful, so worthy of his study…

Data flowed in the dark meldings of heretical cogitator and spliced neural tissue within his altered skull, and Somnius Halbrel arrived at a decision. The item would be his, even if it meant Hive Desoleum collapsing into a pit of rusted metal and mangled, violated flesh.

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Dark Heresy 2e
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Game Time: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 12:00
G.M. (name): 
Remi Fayomi
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