The Auction at Fat Neck's Mansion

You and your party stumble upon something suggesting the upcoming auction, hosted by Waterdeep's wealthiest warrior, could become a bloodbath. Will you stop it? Should you stop it? Maybe join in?

A light-hearted one-off game with 12+ miniatures (and pre-built characters) to choose from.

It is for 3-6 players but we can be a little flexible on the day.
First-timers and experienced players welcome*.


*If you want to bring your own characters make sure they are level 2! It would be great to have a 28mm mini to represent your character but maybe one of mine is suitable-ish??? Maybe bring some dice that don't hate you?
Game System Rules: 
Game Variants in Play: 
D&D 5e
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Game Time: 
Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 23:00
G.M. (name): 
Rex Helltreader
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